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Helen Budlong
King Computer Services Inc.
COBOL Crash Course
COBOL Just In Time!
Article on the COBOL Crash Course featured in the January 97 front page of COMPUTERWORLD. The course is designed to teach the basics of COBOL programming.
George Luntz
Allegiant Legacy Solutions, Inc.
Approaching COBOL Year 2000 Projects
White paper on issues relating to Year 2000 projects and COBOL, and how these are addressed and automated using ADAPT/2000.
Stanley Mackintosh
Mackintosh Johnstone & Partners
Year 2000 Article
Y2000 Date Convention for NO FILE CHANGES EVER
Freely donated methodology for handling many more centuries of dates with no changes to existing 6-digit date fields on files.
Gianni Spano
Powercobol: il nuovo Cobol per Windows
Developing Windows applications with Powercobol.
Jonathan Sayles
Micro Focus
COBOL And The Business Programming Paradigm
Data Management Review, May 1996
Why COBOL is "still the one" for large-scale, enterprise business applications. Many clear, indisputable arguments FOR COBOL!

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