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Victor Copovi
Relational Language &
Database Technology
COBOL ACCESS+ (native access to databases)
RL & DT - France
Your legacy COBOL system running Oracle, Informix, SQL server, Sybase, DB2, INGRES. WITHOUT RECOMPILATION NOR MODIFICATION ? It's possible today with COBOL ACCESS+. A Micro Focus and RM/COBOL add-on.
Michael Coughlan
University of Limerick
COBOL programming - tutorials, lectures, exercises and examples.
University of Limerick CIS/COBOL
This site contains COBOL lecture notes, COBOL Programming Exercises with sample solutions, COBOL programming exam specifications with model answers, COBOL project specifications, a large number (50+) of example COBOL programs, and a comprehensive set of COBOL tutorials making a full COBOL course.
Matt Dean
I am currently uplifting the cobolscript programming language for the cloud envrionment.
David Field
Landmark Software Pty Ltd
Landmark - Australia
MapiLand is a DLL which allows integration of COBOL programs with e-mail packages such as Eudora, Netscape and Microsoft Outlook.
Carlos Lages
Dec Desenvolvimento Consultoria
Cd with several (many) Source PowerCobol Code
Dec Desenvolvimento Consultoria
This Cd has a lot of Source Code to be used in PowerCobol vrs 4.2 till 6.1 , a complete Systems ps. All are in Portuguese
David Olivadoti
Olivadoti Associates, Inc.
FDChart For Windows
Olivadoti Associates, Box 750817, Petaluma CA 94975 Tel: 800-COBOL-4-U
FDChart maps COBOL file descriptions, provides output in formats like CA-EASYTRIEVE, DYL-280, COBOL-FD. It counts bytes and gives starting positions, length in bytes, etc. Great for documentation, or if you use a 4GL.
Jonathan Rosenne
JR Consulting
jDif Fast Visual File Difference Utility at Garbo, SimTel shareware collections
An MS-DOS shareware utility for comparing source files, with special option for COBOL.

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